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Malaysian Fingerfood: Mock Duck in Pandan Leaves

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Here I prepared a very tasty Malaysian dish which is originally made with chicken. In Malaysian supermarkets you can get a vegan version which unfortunately I can’t get here in Germany. So I made my own with mock duck pieces sold in tins in Asian supermarkets (has it’s own Wikipedia article, wow!). Alternatively, you could make your own seitan.

Pandan leaves are widely sold fresh or deepr frozen in Asian supermarkets.

What is important to know for those who don’t know Pandan is that it gives the mock duck pieces a REALLY nice flavour but you should not eat the leaves itself! Just serve it with leaves and let your guests unwrap them.


one tin mock duck

about 5 Pandan leaves, parted into two

about 10 tooth picks

oil for deep frying


100ml ginger juice( juiced with a juicer or alternatively water mixed with powdered ginger)

2 Tbs soy sauce

1Tbs sugar

1/2 tsp pepper

1Tbs sesame oil


Mix the marinade and let the mock duck pieces marinate for at least half an hour. Then take out of the marinade (you could still use the marinade for another dish).

Part bigger pieces and take out tiny pieces which you can just nibble off. Wrap a half of a Pandan leaf around each piece and fixate with a toothpick.There where 10 pieces in the tin I used but it can vary, I guess.

Heat deep frying oil in a wok or use a deep fryer. Deep fry the mock ducks until they turn nicely brown. Transfer to a kitchen tissue to soak excess oil.

Eat as a snack with sweet chilli sauce or serve with rice as part of a dish.

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