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About Veganitäten

Welcome to my new, but consistently growing vegan recipe blog. I’m a German student who is just crazy about creating own recipes and veganizing common classical dishes. I’ve been writing my German blog Veganitäten for about a year now and thought it’s time now to create an English counterpart so that I can share my recipes with the rest of the world. At first, I thought it’s pretty unnecessary to create a new vegan recipe blog in English language, as they are already so many relly great ones out there. But first, you can never have enough recipes in your collection and secondly, I think that I have some recipes to share with you that I have’nt seen elsewhere. You will find recipes for German, Austrian or Polish dishes that you might have not heard of yet and also many Asian recipes, especially from Malaysia and South India, as I am half Malaysian-Indian.

I’m doing my best to translate my already existing recipes from my German Veganitäten blog asap, but you can write a comment if you would like to have a specific translated first.

Oh, and I almost forgot to explain what the strange name “Vegnitäten” means. Actually, the expression does not really exist and is a kind of invention of my boyfriend who named everything vegan a “Veganität”. So, “Veganitäten” means something like vegan stuff. 🙂

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